2013 Trials
4 KIm Yates and Faansie with JIll
4 Caledon prize winners with judge Kim Yates
3 WA Hugo's Lappies winner of day 1 juniors
4 Andrew penning
3 Sutherland prize winners with judge AJ Burger
3 The Van der Merwe team working and competing
3 Attie Nel with Spot winner of beginners first day
2Midlands L2R Montego rep Doane Marais,with Chrisna,Andrew and Irene
2 Tania Quarmby and Roxy cooling off after their run
2 Royal Canin also sponsored great prizes Don impressed
2 midlands winners
2 Judge Kathy Ward indicating she is ready for next run
2 Mark and Amy at the pen
2 Elsie at pen
1Knysna winners L2R Faansie,W.A,Andrew,Francois,Irene
1 Top Dog Course
1 Faansie and Don at pen
1Knysna junior course
8 Knysna view
7ColignyL2R Tania,Elsie,Kristoff,Chantal,Ragni
4 Team who put out sheep two days in a row

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1Knysna winners L2R Faansie,W.A,Andrew,Francois,Irene