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Appeal to all members : Please endeavour to have your dogs tested for working ability and receive a certificate thereafter. This will preserve the working ability of our dogs and improve your status as a breeder. It will also give SASDA the confidence to recommend your pups as working stock to prospective buyers. Contact the office for CWA testers in your area.

Please note: the health of a dog is influenced by many factors including injury, nutrition, how you raise your puppy and genetics. Please consult your vet, and do research to raise your puppy in the best possible way to avoid damage to its joints, tendons and ligaments while it is still growing. For example, working a dog too early, playing with a ball or frisbee, climbing stairs and jumping on and off high surfaces (for example a bakkie), and over exercising or running with your puppy can all be detrimental before your puppy is fully grown / growth plates are closed. Please also consult your vet about appropriate nutrition for your puppy, both over- and under-nutrition can cause health
problems, as can an imbalanced diet.

The Breeders list is currently being updated. Any queries may be directed to the office.

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