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Trials Results 2024

Midlands Sheepdog Club

DOY Trial 3 & 4 May 2024

Oudelande Guest Farm, Graaff-Reinet

We headed west to the central Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet and then north for 50km to Oudelande Guest Farm for our next set of trials. Wayne Murray and his wife Dianne run a mixed operation on their 5,000 ha (12,500 acres), their main income being from game. Wayne also runs Black Angus cattle and a large flock of Merino sheep. For the event we used a flock freshly shorn ewes that were healthy and strong thanks to the abundance of food following the recent good rains. The field was fairly flat but sloped gently from right to left as one looked up the course. There were also a number of undulations running through caused by the water runoff. Going underfoot was tough with a gravel-like covering and karoo bush.


The first day was rather hectic with the ewes who were accustomed to the terrain taking off at speed and getting gates and straight lines proved a challenge to say the least. The second day proved slightly better.


Thank you to club member Andre Lesch for organising and running the event and to Wayne and Dianne Murray for the use of their venue and sheep. Dianne also provided accommodation and food throughout the two days.


Day 1

Juniors (90): Judge – M Trollip

  1. B Lloyd Zac 72

  2. I Kilpert Jodi 61

  3. A Lesch Peg 55

Seniors (100): Judge – R vd Ruit

  1. A Lesch Jackes 80

  2. P Philip Nan 77

  3. J vd Vyver Missy 75

Top Dogs (100): Judge – P Philip

  1. A Gunter Connie 61

  2. M Trollip Diesel 59

  3. R vd Ruit Pip 54

  4. A Gunter Molly 52

  5. R vd Ruit Hemp 50


Day 2

Juniors (90): Judge – R vd Ruit

  1. A Lesch Peg 73

  2. J vd Vyver Cap 73

  3. B Lloyd Zac 70

Seniors (100): Judge – M Trollip

  1. A Gunter Zara 79

  2. A Lesch Jackes 79

  3. P Philip Nan 78

Top Dogs (110): Judge – P Philip

  1. A Gunter Connie 93

  2. M Trollip Diesel 89

  3. P Strydom Kyla 75

  4. R vd Ruit Hemp 71

  5. P Strydom Mac 68

North-Eastern Cape Sheepdog Club

DOY Trial – 30 April & 1 May 2024

Majuba Farm, Lady Grey

Farm owner Johan Nel leases his land to Piet Strydom who runs a flock of Mutton Merinos. We used two-tooth ewes for the event on a field that allowed for a 400m outrun and was mainly flat but sloped away from the top dog post. The field also had a good covering of long sour veld grass making visibility on the lift difficult. On both days there was a strong wind blowing from the direction of 10 o’clock into the handler’s face which also made it difficult for the dogs to hear. Nevertheless there were good scores with Pierre Strydom and his young dog Roy (from Aled Owen’s Cap AI) qualifying out of the junior class.


Johan’s family kept us well fed throughout the two days and we were also treated to an evening meal at Majuba after the event. Thank you to Johan and Theresa Nel for a well run event, to Piet Strydom for the use of his sheep and to our sponsors. We trust this will become a fixture on a trialling calendar!


Day 1

Juniors (90): Judge – P Philip

  1. P Strydom Roy 76

  2. B Lloyd Zac 76

  3. J Nel Bobby 73

Seniors (100): Judge – R vd Ruit

  1. J vd Vyver Skye 67

  2. P Philip Nan 47

Top Dogs (100): Judge – M Trollip

  1. A Gunter Connie 81

  2. A Gunter Faffa 68

  3. P Strydom Kyla 66

  4. A Gunter Molly 54

  5. R vd Ruit Pip 44


Day 2

Juniors (90): Judge – R vd Ruit

  1. P Strydom Roy 78 Q

  2. J Nel Bobby 74

  3. J vd Vyver Cap 70

Seniors (100): Judge – M Trollip

  1. J vd Vyver Skye 60

  2. P Philip Nan 56

  3. A Gunter Zara 54

Top Dogs (100): Judge – J vd Vyver

  1. A Gunter Faffa 73

  2. P Strydom Mac 72

  3. A Gunter Molly 71

  4. M Trollip Diesel 65

  5. P Strydom Kyla 63

North-West Sheepdog Club

Dog of the Year Trial 6 & 7 April 2024

Lekkerhoek , Bultfontein

Another new venue for the 4th trial of the season. Riana Bezuidenhout and her daughter Michaela farm with MeatMasters in the grasslands of the Free State province in the centre of the country. The field was a large piece of dry marshland making the going soft under foot for the dogs. The ewes for the event were used to dogs, but not being pushed by them as the dogs normally follow the sheep with either Riana or her daughter walking in front. This made the competition really challenging, to get the sheep moving and the away drive was particularly difficult and then the ewes didn’t flow at all.


The first day was really difficult as can been seen with the low scores and we just managed to finish in time before a heavy thunder storm. On the second day we had to wait for a thunder storm to clear before getting going and with only a short time window before the next heavy downpour was expected the times for the classes were shortened and we got a move on. The going was a bit easier as can be seen by the scores.


Thank you to Riana and Michaela and husband Jan for our wonderful Saturday evening meal and a well-run event. We hope this will become a fixture on our trialling calendar. Also, a thank you to Montego Pet Nutrition for sponsoring our prizes.

Zimbabwe Sheepdog Club

Dog of the Year Trial – 20 & 21 March 2024

Steenbokfontein James Farm, Ruwa

This was an exciting trial as a new venue and new sheep! The field was a good one but not fenced in any way and surrounded by hilly woodland that the sheep, who were not accustomed to working dogs, knew very well. As a result, the scores did not reflect the hard work many dogs put in but it was a very good learning experience for handlers and dogs alike. The weather was very hot with temperatures going well into the 30’s on both days and the sheep were dorper-cross ewes of mixed ages.



The second set of trials was once again on Bramber farm, on 23 & 24 March 2024.


Andrew Philip was flown up from the Cape to take care of the judging for both sets of trials.

West Coast Sheepdog Club

DOY Trial – 24 & 25 February 2024

Steenbokfontein Farm – Lamberts Bay

Our traditional season opener at Steenbokfontein, Lamberts Bay was moved from December to February due to availability of sheep. Owner Herman van der Merwe, now retired, has hired out most of his land for potato farming, but runs a number of holiday cottages on the premises. Host WA Hugo manages Herman’s flock of Dorper sheep. With the trial being moved to February, which is out of season, the trialists were able to stay on the premises or very close by, which was very convenient.


The field for the event was a centre pivot pasture that was lying fallow with a covering of sea sand as what little vegetation there was, had been scorched by the heat and recent dry weather. This made the going tough for sheep and dogs. The flock of Dorper ewes used for the event were in really good condition which just seemed to make them more skittish and all the packets pulled heavily to the side of the exhaust. Getting them flowing proved a challenge, penning was the easier part of the course, but shedding and particularly taking a single was really difficult. If the shed or single weren’t taken right away the ewes become more and more velcro’d together. A number of Top Dogs were timed out on the single.


There were however a number of very good runs with WA Hugo and Mac qualifying out of juniors on the first day by winning with a score of 85% or above. Yvan Fourie with his dog Wimpie gained a COM (Certificate of Merit) on the first visit to the post. A COM is awarded to a dog the first time they achieve 70% or more in the junior class and also allows them to enter our national championships. On day 2 Jurie van de Vyver and Skye qualified out of the junior class by winning with a score of 81 and WA Hugo again qualified with his dog Mac, but this time out of the senior class by winning with a score above 90%. A number of the young dogs featured in the placings and qualifications are progeny of Aled Owen’s Cap via imported semen – Mac, Cap, Zara, Nan & Skye took all the placings in the junior and senior classes.


Thanks to Herman van der Merwe of the use of his venue and sheep and to host WA Hugo for all the hard work in making the event successful and enjoyable.

Best Junior – MAC – W.A. Hugo

Best Senior – NAN – P. Philip

Best Top Dog – MIRK – A. Philip


Day 1: SANDVELD Championship

Juniors (90): Judge – Pippa Philip

  1. WA Hugo Mac 82 Q

  2. Y Fourie Wimpie 68 COM

  3. J v d Vyver Cap 64

Seniors (100): Judge – Mark Trollip

  1. A Gunter Zara 75

  2. P Philip Nan 66

Top Dogs (110): Judge – Pippa Philip

  1. A Philip Mirk 95

  2. M Trollip Diesel 94

  3. A Philip Zap 89

  4. WA Hugo Adam 86

  5. Y Fourie Kwagga 85


Day 2: WESKUS Kampioenskap

Juniors (90): Judge – Andrew Philip

  1. J v d Vyver Skye 81 Q

  2. Y Fourie Wimpie 73

  3. J v d Vyver Cap 71

Seniors (100): Judge – Mark Trollip

  1. WA Hugo Mac 92 Q

  2. P Philip Nan 85

  3. J v d Vyver Missy 71

Top Dogs (110): Judge – Pippa Philip

  1. A Philip Mirk 97

  2. A Gunter Faffa 94

  3. M Trollip Diesel 91

  4. J v d Vyver Sissy 87

  5. A Philip Zap 82

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