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Trials Results 2023

West Coast Sheepdog Club

DOY Trial – 17 & 18 December 2022

Steenbokfontein Farm – Lamberts Bay

Our 2023 season got under way with the traditional opener on the farm Steenbokfontein on the South-West Coast of the country. The town of Lamberts Bay lies about 2hrs north of Cape Town on the Atlantic Ocean. With the venue virtually on the sea we’re able to trial in December with the cool breeze off the ocean keeping temperatures around 20 degrees.


This year the usual covering of wild fig had been scorched after an exceptionally dry season. The week before the trial had however seen some very welcome rains making the sand soft and green shoots starting to emerge. The resident flock of Dorpers were a bit leaner than usual but that didn’t in any way stop them from being a challenge. They’d often split for no reason with one just taking off, making them difficult to read.


The field allows for good outruns with the top dogs having to gather at some 350m. The sheep were clearly visible at the set out posts for the lower classes but for top dogs there were some subtle undulations where the dogs disappeared at various points and the handler had to trust the dog on the lift. A number of top dogs and seniors had to either be whistled in or blown out on the outrun.


On the gathers, the ewes were heavy to the exhaust side and if the dog didn’t immediately assert itself they’d take off, but push too hard and they’d run down the course. The cross drive gate also proved tricky as they’d take off on the last part of the cross drive and one had to be spot on line to get the gate.


Shedding, penning and singling were some of the easier tasks. Despite these challenges there were a number of very good scores, on the first day Lizette de Waal and Lisa qualified out of the beginner class with a great run and a score of 66/75. On day 2, veteran handler Henry vd Merwe qualified out of the senior class with Lisa, winning with a score of 90/100.


Our thanks to host WA Hugo and the West Coast Club for an enjoyable event, and to Nico de Waal who had arranged sponsored prizes.


Day 1


Beginners (75): Judge – A Philip

  1. L de Waal Lisa 66


Juniors (90): Judge – H vd Merwe

  1. A Philip Zap 72

  2. A Gunter Zara 66

  3. WA Hugo Sally 65

Seniors (100): Judge – M Trollip

  1. P Strydom Jill 89

  2. A Gunter Faffa 80

  3. H vd Merwe Lisa 62


Top Dogs (110): Judge – P Philip

  1. M Trollip Diesel 94

  2. J vd Vyver Sissy 91

  3. P Strydom Kyla 90

  4. P Strydom Mac 90

  5. A Philip Mirk 87



Day 2


Juniors (90): Judge – H vd Merwe

  1. AJ v Wyk Roxy 67

  2. A Gunter Zara 64

  3. P Philip Nan 59


Seniors (100): Judge – M Trollip

  1. H vd Merwe Lisa 90

  2. A Philip Lin 85

  3. P Strydom Jill 82


Top Dogs (110): Judge – J vd Vyver

  1. A Gunter Molly 102

  2. M Trollip Diesel 98

  3. A Philip Mirk 97

  4. A Gunter Connie 96

  5. H vd Merwe Jem 95

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