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Sheep Welfare

The skill of a shepherd or sheepdog handler is to move the sheep as steadily as possible so as to cause no distress

Raising Puppies

Why raise one pup at a time? (by Andrew Philip)

Handler Skill

With dog training you also have to develop your handling skills (by Kathleen Ward and edited by Lynette Trollip)

Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate how owners unknowingly create or allow problems to develop (by Kathleen Ward)

Commands and Training

The traditional commands

SASDA and All Breeds

SASDA's reply to an article promoting All Breeds herding training (by Pippa Philip)

It's in the Genes

We need to acknowledge the primary genetic disorders/diseases thought to be a problem in our breed (by Lynette Trollip)

Extra Reading

There are many books to enjoy dealing with training/handling/care of the working sheepdog

Care of The Dog

Regular care and you will get the best working results.


All you need to know about Rabies (by Hennie and Martie Ferreira)

The Shepherds Whistles

All about whistles (by Kathleen Ward)

Raising and Rearing Puppies

Back to school : raising and rearing puppies (teenagers).

(by Chris Hayward)

Health Articles

Cleft palate/lip in dogs.

Why did my dog die : the silent killer.

Snake bites.

Cattle Work

Of the two strong working breeds in South Africa namely the Border Collie and Kelpie you can get good dogs for working cattle. Whatever breed you are buying the same rule applies : see the parents working. (by Kathleen Ward)

We often try and work out a dog's worth in monetary terms. Once you have had a trained dog you realize that no money can replace your dog. Here is some feedback of what a working dog can do for you. (by Kathleen Ward)

Working More than One Dog

In this article I am going to describe how I get two dogs to work together without reacting to each other's commands. If you want to work two dogs on the farm to­gether, or take part in a brace competition, the same principles must be applied. (by Faansie Basson)

Training With Purpose

Unfortunately you see many dogs being worked without purpose and trained without a well thought out plan/purpose.

The Border Collies and Kelpies have been carefully selected by breeding the best working dogs to the best working dogs. So we have highly intelligent dogs with much natural skill and we must bring out the best in these dogs and because we (as people) can reason we must make sure our plan how to work and train them has Purpose. (by Kathleen Ward)

Basiese Terme

Algemene terme soos gebruik by afrigting. (by Kathleen Ward)

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