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Extra Reading
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There are many books to enjoy dealing with training/handling/care of the working sheepdog. We hope the list below will help you in your quest for information. Remember by becoming a member further help is available from our members and office.


TRAINING SHEEPDOGS - Bilingual Available from the office

A WAY OF LIFE - H. GLYN JONES - sheepdog training, handling and trialling in the UK - available from ISDS shop (Visit our Links for web address)




American Authors:

LESSONS FROM A STOCKDOG by Bruce Fogt is an easy to read book with a lot of references at the back covering problems and what to do.

HERDING DOGS - Vergil Holland a very good book on basic step by step training with a section on problem solving

SELECTING & TRAINING A STOCK DOG by L.R. Alexander A thin booklet covering work with cattle.


Australian Authors:

AUSTRALIAN SHEEP DOGS (Training & Handling) by Rod Cavanagh ISBN 0-7316-8917-8

TRAINING AND WORKING DOGS. For Quiet Control of Stock - by Scott Lithgow ISBN 0-7022-2394-8

THE WORKING KELPIE by A. D.(Tony) Parsons – The origins and breeding of a dinkum Australian (This book might be hard to find – but has so much about the Kelpie it is worth the search) Try second hand buys.

WORKING SHEEP DOGS by Tully Williams - A practical guide to Breeding, Training and Handling ISBN 078 0643093 43 0

Other books of interest

The DOG LISTENER by Jan Fennel with the foreword by Monty Roberts. ISBN 0-00-257204-4

Dealing with the Alpha leader aspect of dogs and the interaction with their owners. A must for anyone who owns any breed of Dog.

GIVE A DOG A BONE. By Dr Viv Billinghurst. DVM (Australia) Also known as the BARF (Bones and Raw food) diet. It covers the feeding of dogs. It will give you a totally new way of thinking about your dogs’ food.

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