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What is a Certificate of Merit (C.O.M.) and a Certificate of Working Ability (C.W.A.) and why should you get one with your dog?

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Buying a puppy?


When buying Border Collie puppies, please be aware that there are only two officially recognised breed registration bodies for Border Collies in South Africa:

1. The South African Sheepdog Association (SASDA) and

2. The Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA). 

SASDA also registers Australian Kelpies and is the sole CUSTODIAN of the WORKING SHEEPDOG in South Africa.


Neem asseblief kennis wanneer u Border Kollie hondjies aankoop dat daar net twee amptelik erkende Telers Organisasies in Suid-Afrika is vir Border Kollies :

  1. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Skaaphondvereniging ( SASHV) en

  2. Kennel Union of South Africa ( KUSA )

  3. ASHV registreer ook Kelpies en is die enigste BEWAARDER van die WERKENDE SKAAPHOND in Suid Afrika.


2023 SA National Champions:

Pierre Strydom and Mac

Important dog health notice



Various members in different part of the country have recently lost their dogs to the horrible disease Spirocercosis lupi , caused by a parasitic worm immune to normal de-worming medications.        


This disease was relatively scarce in earlier years but is now more prevalent all over the country – It can be picked up and spread anywhere you travel, so please be aware.

PLEASE pay attention to your dogs’ behaviour - typical symptoms are discussed in this article: and note that not all of the treatments are suitable for Border Collies.

The Worm that Kills dogs PHOTO-2023-02-28-08-45-02.jpg
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