The dates of the WITS trials have been changed and are now:
WITS 1 : 18/19 February 2020
WITS 2 : 21/22 February 2020
The Eastern Cape trials have been CANCELLED due to the drought.
17 - 18 December 2019 Weskus Trial
Steenbokfontein, Lambert’s Bay


The mid December Trial at Lambert’s Bay kicked off the 2020 season. The weather is normally warm although always windy, but this year was pleasantly cool and we even had some rain.

The Dorper ewes were testing – they moved easily,  but erratically unless they thought the dogs wouldn’t push them, in which case they just stood. This caused the young dogs much anxiety, causing some dogs to over flank and bought out the grip in others. The venue is an old potato field, which last year was stubble, but this year has been overrun with sour fig – making movement difficult for handler and dog although the sheep were used to it. We had two judges making their debut , WA Hugo & Attie Gunter, and both did a competent job of judging the Top Dogs. As is the case these days, handlers worked hard between runs either  holding sheep or judging, but everyone did their bit cheerfully. Owing to the weather we started shortly after 6 am each day and finished at 1pm enabling us to have a restful afternoon or walk dogs on the beach. The handlers gathered for a very “gesellige” braai the first evening and on the Tuesday evening we all had a fantastic seafood buffet at the “Muisbosskem”. We had a nice turnout of spectators on Tuesday, but the wet cold weather on Wedneday kept them away.  Thanks WA and Lillibet for our ‘holiday’ trial, we’ll see you next year.

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