Midlands 2 winners
Midlands 2 winners

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Midlands 1 winners
Midlands 1 winners

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weskus results day 2
weskus results day 2

Day 2

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Midlands 2 winners
Midlands 2 winners

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SASDA wishes to extend condolences to the family and friends of Mrs Alison van Zyl, who passed away last week. Mrs van Zyl was a long-time SASDA member and wife of the late Elias van Zyl.
Please note change of venue for the Zimbabwe trials:
“Neil McVicar , our judge for the May trials is having to arrive in Zim as late as possible due to his lambing and this means that it would be logistically much easier to hold the first 2 days of trialling (7th and 8th May) at Bramber, Ruwa and then the 10th/11th May at Enterprise.”

Please Note:

Regarding the recent notice about misrepresentation/fraudulent action:
The Breeder of SIRI, now de-registered by SASDA, was in no way involved in trying to get this dog registered by SASDA for the purposes of selling the litter.



Andrew Philip

(President, SA Sheepdog Association)

PLEASE NOTE: The SASDA Executive committee would like to point out to all potential owners to do their homework when considering a puppy as we’ve recently had a case of potential fraud/misrepresentation.

It came to the notice of the SASDA Executive committee that a banned ex- member of SASDA was attempting to register a bitch that she had bought unregistered, for the purpose of breeding a litter of Border Collies. A friend supposedly ‘bought’ the dog from her and registered it with SASDA. The planned litter was then advertised on social media by said banned ex member, with the Registration papers displayed which had been altered. The Executive considers this as fraudulent. When asked for an explanation the “friend” then cancelled his membership with SASDA.

Please note this dog has been de-registered by SASDA, therefore puppies born from this breeding will not be registered.

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2022 Trial dates have been posted here.

The first trial report and results for 2022 have been posted here.

Updated DOY points are here.

We are very grateful to our long term sponsor Montego Pet Nutrition for once again supporting us for this trialling season.




The Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) would like to inform the public of an outbreak of Rabies in the Cradle of Humankind area. The outbreak was first diagnosed in five (5) jackals between the 26th of June and the 5th of July 2021.

Rabies is an infectious neurological disease affecting the brain and is almost always fatal to both people and animals. There is no treatment once a person has developed clinical signs. Symptoms vary widely and include behavioural changes, aggressiveness, and paralysis. Symptoms can occur from 7 days to 6 months after being infected with the virus.


The Department wishes to further re-emphasize the following:


  • It is compulsory for all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against Rabies. Failure to vaccinate domestic pets is illegal and is a public health risk.

  • Members of the public should avoid touching or caressing strange, injured, or sick animals.

  • Any person or domestic pet which has been bitten by a strange animal, should immediately contact their local State Veterinarian or Local Government Health Authority.

  • Pets which have not been vaccinated against rabies, should immediately be taken to the nearest private Veterinarian for a Health check and be vaccinated.

  • People should avoid contact with wildlife like jackals and honey badgers. If bitten by these animals, please contact these vet services numbers


Dr Jaison Mpofu on 072 900 0869
Estelle Visser on 082 336 9202


To ensure that there is a high degree of immunity against Rabies amongst the pet population; the department is planning to conduct a booster vaccination campaign at the following venues on the dates as indicated. The public is therefore advised to bring their dogs and cats to be vaccinated. There is no cost to the pet owner for this public service.

All dogs and cats over the age of three months that were not vaccinated for Rabies in the last month must be vaccinated. The public can choose between having the vaccination of their pets done by their private veterinarian or by the State.


The presence of Rabies in an area must always be
considered as extremely serious.

The SASDA “landline” – 087 985 3567 – is working again. PLEASE NOTE: office hours are 09h00 – 13h00 Tues to Fri only!


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A rabies outbreak has been reported in Gauteng - more information here.


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