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Borderkolliehondjies beskikbaar

2 Borderkollie-reuntjies beskikbaar.  Pierre Strydom/Faansie Basson-bloedlyn


Kontak:  Andreas Nel – 082 399 1023


Posted 2 Aug 2023

Newest entries appear at  the top of the list. Adverts are removed after 2 months or earlier if all the pups are sold.

Please make use of this space for fast results, or contact the office if you are looking for a registered puppy from working parents. It is your right to ask to see the parents' SASDA certified pedigrees and to see the parents at work.

Puppy scams - please be aware that there are various puppy scams on the Internet and ensure that you are buying your puppy from a reputable breeder. If in doubt, contact us.

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